GloryBee Foods

Dec 4, 2011 | 0 comments

Employee Training Makes a Difference

GloryBee Foods’ strong connection to their customers, employees and suppliers is a driving force within the company as they strive to become the preferred provider of natural ingredients in the Northwest.

GloryBee, a local company that started in Dick and Pat Turanski’s garage in 1975 and has grown to 150 employees, believes that treating people well, using earth-friendly practices whenever possible and making enduring operational decisions are at the heart of their business. Believing in an improving economy, GloryBee is strategizing on growth following the foundational values of the company. Treating people well is first on the company’s mission statement and the thread that is woven through all they do.

“Customers are the soul of the company” says RaeJean Wilson, HR Director, “our relationship with the customer is why we exist.”

As they’ve grown, GloryBee has recognized the need to work harder to take care of their customers and employees. One of the ways they’ve sought to do that was to provide in-house training for their employees. The company approached Lane Community College’s Employee Training Department with a desire to provide opportunities for their staff to upgrade and hone their skills, recognizing that staff is the key in setting the standards for helping customers. Employees were engaged in the process and felt that the team was brought together by interactive discussions that were enhanced by breaking into small groups for discussion and brainstorming. The staff also liked the approach in how the instructor worked to capture our team’s current perspective on customer service allowing her to really gauge the staff’s needs and enthusiasm. The employees felt the trainings were engaging and fun. Many employees have asked if they can get more training in the future through LCC.

Wilson states, “It is exciting to partner with a great organization in our community that is assisting GloryBee with improving our standards and training our employees. The service and follow up we received from LCC and the people we worked with was amazing. They did a great job.”  We, at the Employee Training Department feel that is pretty exciting to see a local company maintain their staff, open a new distribution center and invest in their employees to keep the company values front and center during this challenging economy.

To learn more about GloryBee Foods visit their website at Alma Food’s & Catering